President Mary McAleese

Click here for video and photographs from the launch of National Marriage Week  by former president Mary McAleese.

Mary Hanafin

Click here for a message from Mary Hanafin, the former minister for Social and Family Affairs


National Marriage Week is an initiative to support and encourage married couples and those preparing for marriage and make them aware of available resources.

Marriage Week Ireland is dedicated to helping these couples live out the dream that they started out with: a long and lasting relationship. Instinctively there is recognition that a long term stable relationship is desirable, and social research demonstrates that the stable marriage relationship has lots of long term advantages. National Marriage Week gives a couple the opportunity and the encouragement to focus on their relationship. We have long seen the 14th of February (St Valentine's Day) as an expression of romantic love, and National Marriage Week embraces this important concept as well as giving a place for friendship, communication, forgiveness and fun. Those who are preparing for marriage, as well as those already married, will be encouraged to invest in their relationship in a special way during this week. Marriage Week Ireland seeks to highlight the benefits of a healthy marriage to society, whilst seeking to educate and inform couples on how to enhance their relationship.

National Marriage Week was launched in 2009. Various events to promote and support marriage and family life will be run by different organisations during the 2nd week of February 2012. Access to these events can be made through the links to those Organisations below and on this web-site by clicking here.